There is an energy moving through you, around you, traveling ever outward and upward as if being drawn by a magnet.  Indeed, you feel the pull.  You sometimes want it to slow down as the feeling it brings is so intense.  What is this, you ask.  I am not ready, you say.  Your heart is … More Guardians

Dive In

Today beloveds you are being encouraged to search your hearts, search your souls and dive deeper than you have previously.  Many do “surface gliding” when you meditate, when you ponder your paths, when you attempt to connect with Source.  Anyone who explores knows that the good stuff is found when you break through the surface, … More Dive In

Daily Message Channeled By Karen Palmer: Commander Ashtar

Our message to you today is from Commander Ashtar.  He is a light being that reaches into your heart and appears to communicate on a heart level with you.  Pay attention when you are being called to action.  He is part of the white brotherhood of congregation of light beings he will work with everyone … More Daily Message Channeled By Karen Palmer: Commander Ashtar