Who is the Council of Kindness?

They are a collective of spirit guides who are coming through at this time in history as a global kindness revolution.  They are guiding us with messages that are very clear with no interpretation needed.  This is the New Earth.  We are what we have been waiting for.  They were celebrities while they were here.  They were masters of their own creation, of their own reality so they were able to reach many, many people.  Each and every one of us could be as big as they were in their physical bodies.  They are a council of collective consciousness, nonphysical beings that were here in the physical who are now available to lead us.  When you ask you will receive. Here are some of the celebrities:

Andy Griffin

Arnold Palmer

Bob Hope

Carrie Fisher

David Bowie

Debbie Reynolds


Gene Wilder

George Harrison

George Michael

Gilda Radner

Glenn Frye

Jack Benny

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison

Joan Rivers

John Glen

John Lennon

Leonard Cohen

Maharishi Mahesh

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahavatar Babaji

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Maya Angelou

Merle Haggard

Michael Jackson

Michael Landen

Mohammad Ali

Morley Safer

Mother Teresa

Napoleon Hill

Paramahansa Yogananda

Patty Duke


Princess Diana

Robin Williams

Saint Therese

Steve Jobs

Wayne Dyer

White Eagle


Channeled through Karen:  “Don’t look to celebrities to fulfill your gifts and your talents.  Stop living vicariously through celebrities.  Even those of us on the other side wonder why you continue to do this.  We have chosen you, Karen, as a channel and she will show everyone that they have access to us.  They will believe it and then we will be able to reach them.  The masses are ready and it is time for this shift to happen.  Karen is a huge part in this.  The reason we chose her is because of her authentic beliefs and the way that she has made a solemn oath and a solemn commitment and agreement from many past lives with each of us.  You will not doubt it is us.  Start noticing and paying attention. We are honored to have this connection with you and to help each of you remember your magnificence.”