Release the Attachments


Life’s experiences are the learning playground of our human existence. In order to create new experiences that reflect internal desires, it’s imperative to allow old outcomes to be just that. As you step into the truth of whom you are and live your life in such a manner, the new outcomes will reflect this. When a situation resembles that of the past, it’s time to stop and consider your actions and choices before leaping into the old vibration and feeling from past experiences and outcomes. These types of new experiences are the best because it is at that very moment you can pivot away from the old memories, thoughts and outcomes. You feel into the grateful new thoughts as they become feelings. Take proper action based upon those feelings. This may be a time to set new boundaries, take another direction, it is certainly a time to create your desires. As your heart and soul have been so wonderfully cleansed by the beautiful self care you’ve given, it is more than open for new mindful joyous outcomes. How grateful to be in this space, knowing that you call the correct shots for your life. You know who you are and when faced with choices there isn’t a question of what to do. Stepping into your power is surrendering all to the grace and glory of God. It’s the knowingness that you are unconditional love, enough, worthy and so very deserving. From this space you set boundaries with your desired intention. The key is surrender and release from any attachment to the outcomes, remain open for all of the good to pour in. Delightful surrender so now you are open to receive all that is for you best and highest good.

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