Channeled Message From the Council

spring-2978976_1280Channeled through Karen Palmer:

No longer seeking we are found and all of creation is supporting us, we only need to allow it – not achieve it. Emerge with the energies and embody the highest light frequencies. 2017 was the year of the big reset, the most light on the planet. The grand seeding for Heaven On Earth. The greatest human experience in history. Re-calibrate your DNA strands, we are in a quantum zero point. That birthing happened  on the winter solstice. Dare to be divine and live a divine life not a distracted life. Just as we are found we are finding each other to have all the physical support and non-physical guidance we allow ourselves to experience. Heal your inner child embrace your magical child and finally step into you wonder child and live life on a playground of infinite possibilities with no limits. Experiencing grace, ease, and wonder in your life, your business, and all your relationships. Collapse the 3rd dimension matrix experience  and allow emergence with 5d crystalline matrix and a new Earth reality. You get to play out all the dramas and then you can wake up to your true self and remember you are loving kindness and oneness. Feel it all to heal it all from a place of acceptance and empowerment with unconditional love and compassion for all your emotions and activate your ability to observe and witness is you activating your 5th dimensional MultiSensory Self; as you awaken you realize your higher self is in you and you don’t have to go anywhere to experience your higher self. Relationships are essential to your human experience. Feel your fear and as you feel it in your 3D self notice your 5d self observing as a compassionate witness and bring in ease and grace. Allow your higher self to send guidance and help to any traumas you experienced in this lifetime or any other incarnations that have not been transmuted. We are having a collective conscious experience and individual soul signature to be lighter in this sense human experience. Lemuria was the first Earth. We had the traumatic experience of the destruction of that planet. These memories are on you at a cellular energy and can effect this human incarnation. We are reaching the critical mass of awakening for this planet in the experiment. We can collapse time lines that we don’t want experience anymore. We won’t allow any disrespect and level of unkindness in your energy field. In 5d we create, in 3rd we attract with the Universal Laws. Transmutation of trauma is giving you empowerment and mastery of this human experience. Don’t attach shame and guilt – just know it is showing up to be transmuted only. Joy is activated in the sacral as your center for creation. As humans you are grasping and avoiding; you make even Ascension and enlightenment into a task and competitive.  You compare your spiritual gifts and make yourself special either superior or inferior. You look for ways you are better than others and not for ways you are the same. Which is the truth you are a soul family having a human experience, it is an experiment in unconditional love – can you love each other no matter what. This is your soul purpose and you have made everything else More important. We are Archangels we are accessible to all but you make yourselves unworthy believing only certain special hierarchy can channel. Stop: Spirit take over please. Karen is a guide, an Ascension guide; her soul had a contract with her grandma. Her grandma helped Karen remember the truth by showing her unconditional love and helping her believe in her gifts even when other family members tried to make her think she was crazy. Each person plays their part perfectly holding up flash cards to help us remember if we are BEING our true Self or not. It’s really that simple, joy is birthright, love is the essence of WHO you are and anything that is not joy or love will make you suffer but suffering too is an option you choose in each moment.

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