Dive In

450725875Today beloveds you are being encouraged to search your hearts, search your souls and dive deeper than you have previously.  Many do “surface gliding” when you meditate, when you ponder your paths, when you attempt to connect with Source.  Anyone who explores knows that the good stuff is found when you break through the surface, whether it be water or earth.  There are magnificent finds down deep, beautiful sites to be seen.  It is the same thing that happens when we turn our attention and focus inward as we journey along our way.  Go beyond the breath.  Look at the space in between thoughts.  Allow the miracles to be seen inside you.  Go to that place that you were not aware existed.  Let the adventure begin today.  No appointment necessary.  The ticket is very inexpensive.  Give yourself this gift of love today, this moment.  We are complete.  COK

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