Recognize and Embrace Shadow


We are so happy you have decided to listen and answer the call from your heart. It is a very important time and you are a very important soul here on Earth. We The Council of Kindness wish to make some of your human experiences a little easier. Please comment below with yes I am ready and share what you are willing to release. We will take you through a 3 part process to Self Acceptance this is your key to freedom on all levels.


First let us give you the definition of shadow. Shadow is the part of us that we feel has been outcast or not accepted. When humans embrace all aspects you will be co-creating Heaven on Earth. Recognize when you feel you have been triggered or your buttons have been pushed this is part of being a human and having this human experience. The most powerful tool you have is observing and witnessing without judging.


  1. Witness with responsibility means having  the ability to respond without an emotional charge.
  2. Meditate to acknowledge and really get honest about how you feel call up the energy and have a calm conversation with for example frustration or overwhelm.
  3. Light a candle and have a cup of tea. Write unedited for 20 minutes your letter of frustration. Read your letter out loud. Feel the energy and emotion giving it a voice. Feel the release in your body this may be physical like shaking, crying, screaming whatever wants to flow through you allow it. Feel the shift and then burn your letter and say I release and transmute this energy I am my I am Presence and I am one with the I am Presence of all humanity. I give this energy, emotion, and feeling to the violet flame for transmuting this  for all of humanity. The patterns will begin to soften and break apart now you can look for ways to gently intergrate the healed energy. We recommend doing this process 9-14 days in a row. hole-in-the-sky

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