Saint Therese – Let go of the reins

abe1b3dfa8ebccb8842110b026398befThe strongest smell of roses wafted into where I was sitting at my computer.  I looked around outside – no one in sight.  There are no roses where I live and I do not have any in my house.  That’s how I knew I had a visitor from the other side of the veil.  Although I already knew the answer, I picked up my new pendulum – the one with an amethyst angel on it.  I asked if someone was here and got a yes.  I asked if it was Mother Teresa as I have had her on my mind all day and got a no.  The correct name came to me and I asked if this was the “Little Flower” Saint Therese and it was a definite yes.  In tuning in to the energy, I listened attentively to her “words” which were mostly images today.  I was shown an image of myself looking out over the world.  I saw people holding hands in a circle.  The bond was so strong and this line of people stretched all the way around the world.  She kept showing me circles.  Each circle led me to another circle and we were all connected.  I’ve been very in tune to circles and life cycle during this lifetime I think more so than previous ones.  What I was being shown by this gentle soul was just that, the cycles that we all go through.  Some of us repeat lessons in the same lifetime – same lesson, different partners or friends or even family members sometimes.  Saint Therese encourages us to be gentle with ourselves but also to look at what the lesson is teaching us instead of viewing the situation as one of a negative circumstance.  What did I learn and how will this help me going forward?  When we do this, we can make better choices in how we live our lives.  We do not have to struggle so hard, to push against the wall trying to make it move or to row our boat upstream.  When we realize we have choices, a whole new world opens up and doors open in that wall.  What lesson are you struggling with?  Let go of the reins.

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