Elvis Is Still In The Building


hole-in-the-skyHe woke me up singing “On a cold and grey Chicago mornin’ a poor little baby child is born…in the ghetto.”  At first I thought I had left my computer on and it was playing the song as I sometimes do that – just let songs play throughout the night.  But no, computer was off, cell phone was off, no one was outside playing music.  I sat upright in the bed and looked around, looking at the clock I saw it was early … way too early for this night owl to rise and shine.  After a trip to the bathroom, a glass of water and soothing pets for the cats, I laid back down trying to shake off the words to the song.  Maybe it was a dream because I have been having some very lucid dreams lately.  Immediately, the song starts again and it is acapella … “do we simply turn our heads and look the other way?”

Okay, so now you have my attention and as you are not going away and I’m obviously not going to sleep, let’s talk.  How can I help you?  This is a line I stole from one of my favorite mentors.  I heard a laugh and had a vision of that crooked smile that Elvis was so known for.  “Darlin’ you have it a little backwards” he drawled.  “I’m here to help you!”  Oh, okay.  Now my mind is going all kinds of directions.  I’m not a singer, not musically inclined and never been to Graceland.  I do, however, know the words to almost every Elvis Presley song there is and could listen to him talk and sing all day.  How exactly is this spirit who was bigger than life when he lived among us going to “help” me … and why me?   Oooh boy, this was the “help” he came to give me:

Why NOT you? Why not any of you?  You know, Teri, the world IS a stage and everyone is playing a part.  I chose my part long before I was Elvis and you chose your part long before you were Teri and on many levels we are playing our parts out together.  You are open enough to tune in to the right station to hear my words.  You turned the dial, darlin’.  No one did that for you.  I certainly can’t just force myself on you.  You chose this.  Let me say it a little more clearly … YOU chose this.  No, you didn’t say ‘today I think I’ll listen to Elvis talking to me’ but you were ready for the message so your subconscious started looking for someone who you could relate to that would bring you the message and, since you choose to not play small anymore, you went right to the king.  That’s the level you are at now and that so many who are awake are at this same level.  At the higher levels of consciousness we are all having a blast.  We are sharing and learning.  Yeah, I was hard-headed while I was there physically but I always knew there was something greater … somewhere.  My soul yearned for it and with each song I sang, I felt that part of me that was reaching out.  On a deeper level, the songs I sang touched something inside each of you to make you want to reach higher as well, not just the gospel songs but with each song because it wasn’t about the songs or the words, it was the sound and what was deep inside me that was drawing those who needed to hear it.  Each of you have your path.  Understand that it is not the words you use but the connection inside and your love that people will hear and respond to.  Keep doing what you’re doing, darlin’.  I’m not going anywhere.  You can stay tuned in as long as you choose to do so.

And with those words, he “gave the mic” back to me.  I will stay tuned in.  Elvis assured me he is part of the Council of Kindness and will be sharing more now that he knows I am willing to be a channel for his words.

2 thoughts on “Elvis Is Still In The Building

  1. Amazing Terri! Gives me much comfort to know I am not the only one and Elvis WOW! I did channel Edgar Cayne and he told me I am just like him and he was here to help me. I wrote everything down. I had heard of him but didn’t know anything about him. He said after I wrote it down he wanted me to go to internet to confirm what he had told me. He said this life you are walking into is not going to be easy but it will fulfill your soul and he wanted me to read what he wrote before he passed. As I read I began to cry and he told me everything very accurately and I knew I had tuned into him. When I was getting to the part of what he said before he passed he told me it was gonna hit home for me with my Christian beliefs and that I will be ok …and it was so profound and I began sobbing. It all resonated with my own struggles with my gift. Thank you for sharing Terri! Beautiful and resonates with me. Big hugs!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing and that is awesome! Elvis also led me to several things that I did not know about him like his connection to Yogananda, who was my first mentor and I still turn to for guidance today. I love confirmations too!! Much love to you!


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