Daily Message Channeled By Karen Palmer: Commander Ashtar

commander-ashtarOur message to you today is from Commander Ashtar.  He is a light being that reaches into your heart and appears to communicate on a heart level with you.  Pay attention when you are being called to action.  He is part of the white brotherhood of congregation of light beings he will work with everyone who is here to help heal the world.  Call on him and he will be there with you. You are receiving this message as a call to action and being asked to walk your talk and step up and create the changes that you want to see in the world divine inspiration is all around you. Ashtar and his legion of cosmic angels are standing by to offer you loving support.  Know that you are being encouraged to be honest, assertive and true.  It’s a loving way, it’s who you are, it’s why you are here.  You may feel that your ego is trying to hold you back but know that when you take the first step the next one will soon follow.  Take some time today to connect with the universe by looking up at the stars knowing that there are loving beings and light beings gazing and helping you all along.  You are not alone. If this message rings true for you comment below and share what you are feeling called to? This is a confirmation stay awake and pay attention to all signs and signals knowing you are a huge part of #newearth #awakenings #weareone #globalfamily

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