Love Is – A Message From Mother Teresa

images111These bodies that you are in, just like the one I was in, should be treasured for what it is – a temporary housing for your real self, your spirit. You look at your body as a house but let’s look at it in a different way.  Look at it as a planet.  There is a mighty force that moves the planets around through the universe.  It is the same, dear ones, with this matter that you call your body.  There is a mighty force which moves the arms, legs, causes growth and makes everything run smoothly so the body itself can function.  That is your life force.  To what have you been attributing your ability to do all that you do?  Do you think you are the one in control?  Well, you are through the life force that runs through you.  You decide if you will take a step, if you will say a word, if you will sit in meditation.  You create your own reality through this life force.  Now it seems vague and some cannot even comprehend that this life force even exists.  That’s okay.  Love them anyway.  Know that it is all divine.  In accepting the questions, you are embracing the all.  It is through exclusion that the human ego reigns instead of the spirit inside you.  Welcome everyone with open arms, yes even those who would mock you and call you names.  Their reality is what it is.  It is not your job to change them.  Your job is to love.  Love is and love will always be.

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