From Yogananda with Love

yogananda-new-yorkTeri:  Yogananda, please share why you came to me today.

Paramahansa Yogananda:  Teri, you are one of many souls today who are seeking that shelter from the storm.  You understand the necessity of quietening the mind so you can hear my voice.  [at this point, he asked to take over control of what is being typed and I agreed]

Dear ones, you are so loved.  When you are feeling the chaos, the struggles, the questions that seemingly have no answers, that is when we are nearest to you.  None of you have been deserted.  Your world may look like it is upside down but just breathe and close your eyes.  Now open them and take a look from another perspective.  Ask yourself, at this moment am I in physical danger?  At this moment, am I being harmed in any way in my physical being?  Am I personally being attacked physically at this moment?  Can you answer yes to any of those questions?  If you can, then please find help to bring you to safety.  Now, if you are not being attacked or in danger physically at this moment, let’s look at the fear that you are feeling.  Fear can take on many different faces and aspects and can cause widespread panic which is what we are seeing right now.  You are feeling that your world is crashing in on you and you are feeling it hard to breathe.  So, first things first … breathe.  Feel the breath go down into your diaphragm and feel how good it feels to open that up.  When you go into fear mode, your body constricts and sometimes even freezes up to where you are unable to move.  You want to remain flexible in order to move forward.  Get in touch with where you feel the fear the most inside of yourself.  Is it in the gut or in the throat?  Breathe into whichever it is.  Say the word “love” as you do so.  Keep doing that one thing until the tightness resolves.  Now you can think.  Before you were too focused on where it hurt and in tune with that feeling of tightness.  Now you can open your eyes and see that you are still standing.  You can see what is around you.  Maybe nothing has changed of the situation that put you in such a panicked mode, but now you have changed.  Your body has changed and now let your mind do the same thing.  Breathe the word “love” into your crown chakra and then into your third eye chakra.  Open your third eye and look around.  You can only move forward and progress in doing this with an open mind to do so.  The mindset that you have had of terror and chaos has not served you in any way, correct?  You probably found likeminded people who huddled with you, all shaking in fear and anger.  What if you found people who want to surpass the fear and rise above the chaos?  What if you are the one to lead them in this endeavor?  Would you say yes?  Do you want relief from the fear?  It may not happen instantaneously.  It may not happen in one of your earth nights even, but know this dear ones, it will happen.  Will you remain frozen in fear or will you be one of the ones moving forward from it?  It really is up to you and you can be certain that we are helping guide you each step along the way.

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